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Intercom Broadcast Paging Station

The network video intercom paging station is a network high-fidelity video intercompaging stationbasedonTCP/IP, SIP, UDP and other transmission protocols. It is used with the company's intercombroadcastserverand terminal. The internal docking externally supports the SIP protocol video intercomdevice. It canrealizevisual, intercom, paging and control operations. It has the characteristics of high stability of traditionalpaging stations, stable and reliable operation and low failure rate. Signal digital transmissiondesign,intelligent control as the core.


  • 10.1 inch TFT true color LCD display and capacitive touch screen, support five-point touch
  • With single selection, multiple selection, and one-click all selection
  • Ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo Multi-function operation such as intercom, broadcast, monitor, supervise, and music canbeperformedon zones, multiple zones, and groups.
  • Only the zones and groupings of interest can be displayed as needed
  • You can view the status information of the zone
  • Support terminal call reminder, custom ringtone, with microphone anti-howling suppression.
  • Network interface that supports POE power supply
  • With multi-level level indication function, the paging sound pressure is more intuitive
  • The screen backlight illumination time and brightness are adjustable to achieveenergy-savingoperation.
  • Has user password and rights management.
  • Support language switching: Simplified Chinese and English.


Model DSP9312
Audio OUT Output Impedance ⩽ 47KΩ
Output Amplitude 1.0±0.1V
Freq. Resp. 80Hz-16kHz
Distortion ≤1%
SNR ≥71dB
Channel Mono
MIC IN Input Sensitivity 55±10mV
Freq. Resp. 300Hz~6KHz
Dynamic Range ≥12dB
Built-in Speaker Power 1W
Freq. Resp. 80Hz~8KHz
Distortion ≤1%
SNR ≥71dB
Network Protocol TCP/IP, UDP, IGMP, RTP, SIP
PoE Power Supply IEEE 802.3af
Others Input Power 12VDC/2.5A
Working Temperature -20 - +50ºC
Dimensions (H×W×D mm) 114×330×150
Package Size 165×370×230
Net Weight 1.7kg
Gross Weight 3kg


  • 1. Microphone(do not knock and hit when using)
  • 2. Horn hole
  • 3. Power indicator
  • 4. Sensitivity indicator
  • 5. Voice indicator
  • 6. Voice button
  • 7. Power interface(12V1A)
  • 8. Network interface(10/100M adaptive LAN port,support POE power supply)
  • 9. Line audio output interface (local monitor use, connect headphones or amplifier devices)
  • 10. Microphone volume adjustment button
  • 11. SD card interface

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